Welcome to our Admitted Student System!

VZ Orientation: CNU: Welcome to our Admitted Student System!

Congratulations New Captains!

Welcome to the Admitted Student System.  You will use this system to complete steps needed in order for you to become a student at CNU.  Please note that once your account is created, you will need to use the Sign In page to access your account moving forward.

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In addition to accepting the offer of admission and signing up for Orientation, we use this system to collect information in order to begin your transition to CNU and provide the information you need as you prepare for Orientation and the upcoming semester. You will be prompted to log back in once a module is ready for you to complete so be sure to check your e-mail regularly!

If you have a questions or need assistance along the way, please contact the Office of Orientation at 757-594-7767 or orientation@cnu.edu.

- CNU Orientation


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