Below are some of our Frequently Asked Questions about Spring Orientation.

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Children at SOAR
Where can I obtain the SOAR Schedule?
Can I get a scholarship/grant?
Can I switch my major prior to SOAR?
Do I have to stay the entire time?
Does the SOAR program cost anything?
Does tuition need to be paid at SOAR?
Family/Guests - Should my family come to SOAR?
How do I obtain a parking permit for the school year?
Parking Pass for SOAR
Payment - Do I have to use a debit or credit card?
Roommate at SOAR
What are the advantages of attending the SOAR program?
What does SOAR stand for?
Will I be able to purchase books at SOAR?
Will parents be with their son/daughter during advising and registration?
Will parents be with their son/daughter during the entire freshman orientation process?
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